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About Meredith Beard LCSW, Anxiety & OCD Therapist

Serving Clients in St. Louis & Across Missouri

Despite my best–and most organized–efforts, there always seems to be more tasks than time in my day. I wish I felt more freedom to prioritize time in nature, self-care, and getting together with friends. The frenetic pace of our modern “grind culture” is a force I find challenging to resist. Don’t worry though, my kids are only slightly addicted to screens. (Can you relate?)

I may have lots of book knowledge on anxiety, but I still have my panicky moments, feel overwhelmed with emotion, and wonder at times if something deeper is wrong with me. 

Through my own therapy, I have been unlearning the message of hustling for my worth and instead I am striving to embrace my limitations and imperfections. I have come to learn that 1) my triggers are often my best teachers and 2) some amount of distress and angst are inherently part of living a full and meaningful life. 

In my work over the past decade, I have honed a gentle approach to anxiety treatment that is effective and long-lasting. While OCD and anxiety can often feel like bullies we need to fight, they are actually more akin to benevolent protectors with good—albeit misguided— intentions for our safety and happiness. This reframe has helped me and numerous clients find a sense of clarity and inner harmony that other approaches lack. 

Some OCD and anxiety clients come to me understandably nervous about what they have read about exposure therapy (or “ERP"). The idea of moving towards their greatest fears while letting go of their safety net sounds terrifying. And that makes so much sense! That’s why I carefully calibrate a therapy plan to work at a pace that’s just right for each person. While exposure therapy is often a key component of those therapy plans, I also utilize therapeutic approaches that don’t involve exposure for clients who want to try other options. 

It’s an absolute honor to watch people reclaim their power, learn to set boundaries with their anxiety, and use their values to guide their paths. I am gentle, but I am not passive. I am invested in your progress and my ultimate desire is for you to stop therapy because you no longer need it. For this reason, you can bet I will offer more than, “How does that make you feel?” I tend to ask questions that go a bit deeper, give feedback, strategies, and homework (sorry, not sorry!). I might even occasionally point out a defense mechanism or two you may not be aware of. 

If you’re looking for a confidante, trusted expert, and true partner in your healing, I’m your gal.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

MSW - Saint Louis University

Registered Play Therapist (RPT)


Queer and Neurodivergent affirming

Rooted in Social Justice Values


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